The new gnomes collection is arrived

Published on 01/18/2016

Our new collection of dwarves is in. Shimmering colors and increased UV resistance. All more mischievous than the others. They will surprise visitors to your garden.

Fashion is brightly colored

The purpose of garden gnomes is to brighten up your garden. They deposit small touches of color, sprinkled on your property. Dare to use bright colors. A study has shown that these colorful elements will bring you calm and joy.
Place them in various places:

  • Pavement paths
  • Garden gnomes along the path
  • Greenery and bushes
  • Waterfalls

Resistant materials

Our new collection of gnomes has been designed in a new material making it possible to resist even more durably cold weather, rain, snow but also the sun. Indeed, vintage dwarfs today can suffer from discoloration.


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